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reperto 53The materials in the Civic Museum of Canosa were acquired from donations, they also have been confiscated and, occasionally, they have been recovered. Only a small amount come from conventional digs. The exhibit opens with the unpainted askos with its yellowed tag displaying the name of the donor, as a tangible demonstration of the way it was acquired. Without any topographic references or origin contexts, the itinerary moves beyond the concept of  displaying a mere sequence of beautiful vases and attempts to reconstruct the cultural aspects of the opulent Daunian city, by exhibiting items of purely Canosian production. The exhibit itinerary begins on the 1st floor, with the Daunian section and unveils itself between the 1st and the 7th room. The visit continues on the ground floor with the Roman section that now consists simply of a selection of epigraphs. To enjoy some more lapidary items we suggest a stroll in the Municipal Park or in the gardens of the Lagrasta Hypogea. There follows a selection of the findings.

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